Wildiaries Film Productions

Specialists in Travel and Nature Film-Making


We have built a reputation on relationships with scientists, nature experts and travel operators throughout Australia and beyond. In the last 3 years we have coordinated over 150 days of production, creating more than 50 short films, education and TV documentaries, in 35 locations, featuring over 200 iconic species. Our expertise is built on over 25 years film-making.We specialise in film as a tool to create a point of sale, as opposed to an 'advert' or 'documentary'.

Our Services

Wildiaries is a specialist natural history film-making company with skilled documentary, feature and educational producers. Our services include:

  • Location scouting and fixing
  • Travel and logistics
  • Permit administration
  • Filming / Stock Footage (see below)
  • Post Production (Music, Sound, Graphics)

Who Are We?

Simon Mustoe (Producer, Director) - Founder and director of Wildiaries, ecologist/ornithologist, producer and director of education and short films. Expeditioner and independent wildlife consultant for 15 yrs with global project management experience.

Nick Hayward (Director / Cameraman) - Award-winning international wildlife film cameraman and producer. Director of television commercials, education and web based material. BBC trained with >25 yrs experience (Life of Birds, Nature (PBS, US) etc.

Other staff and associates

Contact Us

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Or call Simon Mustoe on +61 (0)405 220830 | email simon@wildiaries.com

Wildlife Stock Video Footage

Wildiaries owns high definition HD sequences and supporting cast footage of many of Australia's iconic species and destinations.

The following links are to a small selection. These will take you to specific sections of videos on YouTube that display examples of shots from sequences and the supporting array of destination, landscape and wildlife footage we have.

For more information or to enquire about purchase and show reels, please contact us.