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Simon Mustoe (Producer) - Founder and director of Wildiaries, ecologist/ornithologist, producer and director of education and short films. Expeditioner and independent wildlife consultant for 15 yrs with global project management experience. 

Nick Hayward (Director / Cameraman) - Award-winning international wildlife film cameraman and producer. Director of television commercials, education and web based material. BBC trained with >25 yrs experience (Life of Birds, Nature (PBS, US) etc.

Dr Martin Cohen (Fixer, Researcher)- Ecologist with >25 years experience working with, researching, lecturing and providing independent wildlife advice and expertise, including logistics and research for international film productions.

Stu Willis (Post-Production Supervisor, Graphics) - Film-maker with graphics production and directorial experience on feature, education films and music videos. Production supervisor and visual effects coordinator for The Lego Movie, Happy Feet 2. 

Paul Sutherland (Editor) - Freelance video editor with ten years' experience. His credits include several broadcast documentaries, short films, television commercials, as well as hundreds of corporate and educational productions.

Leon East (Sound Post-production) - audio engineer. After graduating from the School of Audio Engineering in 2005, He went on to work on a variety on Film, TV and Stage productions as sound designer and location recordist.

Caroline Densley (Travel & Logistics), licensed travel consultant - 16 years managing niche inbound tourism company, Caroline’s consulting includes conference and group-tour management for film productions, media and government events. 

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